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Water Heater Repair in Valley Mills, TX

Water Heater Repair in Valley Mills, TX

A well-functioning water heater is the often-underappreciated hero of any household, providing a steady supply of hot water for various daily tasks. Whether it's a conventional water heater with a tank or a tankless alternative, however, these appliances consist of numerous components that, over time, can succumb to wear and tear. If your water heater installation in Valley Mills is struggling at its ONE job, then keep calm and call Mr. Rooter Plumbing. We are proud to offer quick and affordable water heater repair and maintenance services. We also offer replacements and initial installations.

Not Getting the Hot Water You Want? We’ll Be Right There

One of the most common complaints is inadequate or inconsistent water heating. This issue may stem from a defective heating element, a malfunctioning thermostat, sediment buildup, or several other potential reasons.

Thorough troubleshooting, including checking the thermostat settings and inspecting the heating element, can help identify and resolve the problem. For a true peace of mind, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing for quick and reliable water heater repair in Valley Mills today.

When’s the Last Time You Checked for Sediment Buildup?

Over time, sediment can accumulate at the bottom of the hot water heater tank installation, compromising its efficiency. This buildup not only reduces the heating element's effectiveness but also leads to increased energy consumption and can pose serious safety hazards.

To address this issue, periodically flush the tank. Homeowners can do this on their own, but make sure to go in prepared. If the sediment buildup is severe and there is scaling in the tank, then it might be best to hire a plumber in Valley Mills. Rumbling and boiling noises are common indicators of serious scaling.

What Color is the Pilot Light?

The pilot light is the small flame which serves as an ignition source for gas-powered water heaters. The pilot should be about 90 percent blue. If the color of the flame turns yellow or red, it's a sign of gas contamination.

Moreover, if the pilot light consistently goes out, then it may be due to a faulty thermocouple or gas control valve. Property owners should exercise caution when relighting the pilot light and, if problems persist, seek professional assistance to replace or repair the defective components.

Remember to Regularly Test the Pressure Relief Valve!

The pressure relief valve is a critical safety feature that prevents excessive pressure buildup in the water heater tank. If this valve malfunctions, it can lead to a potential explosion! Regularly test the pressure relief valve and replace if necessary!

If you are not sure how to test the temperature & pressure relief valve, then call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to have a trained plumber perform a comprehensive inspection and tune-up. We’ll test the relief valve, check the anode rods, and more.

Water Heater Repair in Valley Mills, TX

Do You Notice Leaks or Corrosion? Act Quick!

Leaks around a water heater or visible signs of corrosion are clear indicators of trouble. Leaks can be caused by a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, a loose drain valve, or corrosion of the tank itself.

Corrosion, often accelerated by hard water, can weaken the tank structure. Addressing leaks promptly and replacing corroded parts can prevent catastrophic failures and extend the life of the water heater. Ignoring these issues can end up forcing you into a premature water heater replacement.

Mr. Rooter Is Your One-Stop-Shop Plumbing Co.

Whether you need a quick inspection or a complete water heater replacement in Valley Mills, the local plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing have the experience and expertise to get it done right the first time around. Call us at any time of the day to speak with a member of our team.


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